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Space! Stars & Clouds

A 360° Parallax 3D Space Live Wallpaper with stars and interstellar clouds for your android! The wallpaper makes use of the gyroscope or accelerometer to deliver you a stunning impression of real 3-dimensional depth.

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Parallax Nature: Summer Day

Another addition to my series of seasonal 3D Parallax Live Wallpapers. Takes you out for a day at the lake. What more could one probably need? Well.. maybe a custom picture in the scene? No problemo! :-)

Spring Flowers 3D Parallax

Just in time for the spring season (at least on the northern hemisphere) Another wonderful Live Wallpaper from my series of 3D Parallax Live Wallpapers. It shows a beautiful 3D scene with cherry blossoms that float to the ground if you touch them. Of course, the flowers will grow again after they have fallen off!

Cracked Screen 3D Parallax

Another fascinating 3D Parallax Live Wallpaper. It creates a 3D illusion of shattered glass that reveals what’s behind the screen of your device ;-). You can set your own background image. The electronics display real device information like CPU/RAM/…

Earth & Moon in Gyro 3D

The first one of my series of Parallax Live Wallpapers. It’s the most realistic interactive 3D Earth Live Wallpaper ever! Trust me ;-)
Available as free-version and as pro-version featuring some nice extras…

Winter Snow in Gyro 3D

And another one. This time it’s something for the cold season. A beautiful 3D winter scene featuring a stunning parallax effect by using the gyroscope….


…is an artistic interactive and generative computer program inspired and based upon swarming behavior, swarming intelligence, rules and patterns found in nature…

AR GPS Compass 3D

…displays a 3D compass that gets combined with the camera image (Augmented Reality).
Your current location from GPS is shown on a separate map with adjustable size…

Brain Training Number Game

…is an addictive little game where it’s all about a fast perception!
The rules are simple: Tap all numbers, starting from 25 down to 0 as fast as you can…

Ball Compass 3D

…displays a 3-dimensional, stabilized ball compass. It’s the perfect combination of simplicity, beauty and performance.The app for the discriminating user who is looking for a compass with a little elegance ;-) It uses the same…


watertouch…is an ultra-realistic and interactive live wallpaper simulating a water surface!Available as free-version and as pro-version featuring some nice extras…

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