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Earth & Moon 2.0 BETA is here :-)

Earth & Moon 2.0 BETA

The famous 360° Parallax 3D Live Wallpaper received a complete overhaul. The update is still in beta phase, so you have to opt-in to get it.

The perfect 3D Illusion: Parallax Wallpapers!

…And there’s even more 3D Parallax Wallpapers! If you want to experience a whole new almost holographic 3D illusion on your mobile or tablet, the following applications might just be something for you:

The Autumn Leaves… drift by my window…   Have a look at this wonderful addition to my series of seasonal 3D Parallax Live Wallpapers and watch it as the leaves are tumbling slowly to the ground… Ahhh relaxing…

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Another fascinating 3D Parallax Live Wallpaper. It creates the perfect illusion of a broken screen that reveals the hidden electronic circuitry of your device ;-). The electronics actually display real device information like CPU/RAM/… Forget about the other thousands of boring static cracked screen wallpapers. This one is live and in 3D! Try it! :-)

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Earth & Moon in Gyro 3D is a live wallpaper for android that shows earth and the moon as seen from space. I spent (space-)night after (space-)night, trying to optimize it to the maximum, to bring you only the best :-)

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